April 24, 2018

What Type of Cardio Is Best For Parkour Athletes?

Call it what you will, parkour is a sport and you’re an athlete. And, such as the track runner who takes a break from running to lift some weights, or the bodybuilder who takes a break from lifting weight in favor of some cardio, it’s important for all athletes (including you) to diversify their training routine to become the very best they can be. Because parkour is such a cardio-heavy sport, it only makes sense that the athlete takes the time necessary to focus on incorporating cardio into their weekly routine. Let’s take a look at just what type of cardio is best for this purpose and for better info visit http://traceurzone.com/.

Parkour Uses a Variety of Cardio Workouts

Parkour AthletesSometimes you’re jumping, sometimes you’re running and sometimes you’re climbing. Each of these exercises comes with a different level of intensity and requires different training to be perfected. As such, the parkour athlete who reaches his or her full potential won’t merely rely on one particular cardio exercise to perfect their abilities. To reach one’s maximum potential, it’s beneficial to practice several different forms of cardio, which we’ll cover below.


Jogging is a low-intensity cardio workout that revolves not around straining your heart a whole bunch at once, but a little bit over a long period of time. Because parkour sessions typically last longer than a minute, it’s important to build up the long-term endurance required to not feel at all tired near the end of a parkour session through parkour calisthenics workout. Jogging is basic, free and can be done anywhere that has solid ground to jog on.

mountain climbers

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers fit into a rare, not-so-often-practiced category of cardio exercise known as “bodyweight cardio.” Why don’t most people do it? Because it’s not the most efficient way to get your heart pumping due to the body strength required to perform it.For those of us involved in parkour workouts; however, body strength is just as important as cardio. Mountain climbers, just like jogging, are free to perform and can be done anywhere.

Jump Rope

The above exercises primarily work out our heart through the use of our thighs. Of coarse, those with untrained calves will likely have a hard time in parkour sessions. Jump ropes have you constantly jumping up and down, giving your calves the strength they need to jump from obstacle to obstacle while keeping your heart going the entire time.



Sprinting is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Without going into detail, I’ll say that HIIT is hard. Really hard. If you can rotate between sprinting and jogging at an even time-ratio over the coarse of half an hour, your heart will have just about everything it takes to handle any parkour running session you may choose to throw at it.

Mix It Up On a Weekly Basis

Parkour doesn’t revolve around the constant repetition of a single movement. For that reason, it makes no sense to train any differently. Incorporating two or more of the above types of cardio into your weekly routine can go a long way toward training your heart to adapt to the constant changes involved in parkour, keeping you fit and ahead of the game.

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